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Clifton Earth Month 2020

What will YOU do to help make Clifton

a sanctuary for the living world?

floodplain 2.jpg
  • Watch the movie Hometown Habitat : Stories of Bringing Nature Home free online viewing April 1-7 for any Cliftonite.  

  • Add native plants

  • Join the Naturally Clifton Facebook Group and/or sign up for Wild About Clifton updates on our website

  • Put out a bird bath or other water source

  • Upload photos of wild things (plants, animals, etc) to iNaturalist

  • Put up a bluebird box

  • Read Nature's Best Hope by Doug Tallamy

  • Reduce or eliminate lawn chemicals

  • Keep cats indoors

  • Remove invasive introduced plants

  • Reduce my lawn area

  • Eliminate outdoor insecticides (except in emergencies)

  • Participate in City Nature Challenge April 24-27

  • Not use a gas-powered leaf blower

  • Grow food (organically). Share vegetable seeds and seedlings.

  • Change outdoor light bulbs to yellow LED (3,000K or less). Put motion sensors on outdoor lights

  • Reduce stormwater runoff

  • Create a stream buffer at least 100 feet wide

  • Create a butterfly garden

  • Participate in invasive plant removal events in the local parks

  • Protect areas for ground nesting bees

  • Add a Critter Skimmer, Frog Log or other escape devise to my swimming pool

  • Leave fallen leaves and grass clippings leaves on the lawn (chopping them up with the mower if needed)

  • Compost kitchen and yard scraps

  • Put up a solar roof array

  • Protect birds against window strikes

  • Help identify observations on iNaturalist

  • Invite a child, or a friend or neighbor, to take a nature walk (after the restrictions are lifted!)

  • Ask at least one neighbor to do some of these things

I pledge to do at least one of these things

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