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Help the birds

Window Strikes

When we hear the sickening thump of a bird hitting a window, we might rush to see if the victim is okay and be relieved if it wakes up and flies away. We might be able to help an unconscious bird by putting it in a dark box out of the cold for an hour or so. Unfortunately, a substantial proportion of those that seem to recover will die soon after from the effects of the concussion or broken beak. High rise buildings have gotten a lot of notoriety, but it is our homes and other low rise buildings that account for the most of the deaths. We can prevent that by going to just a little bit of trouble to order and install effective deterrents.

Deterrents to window strikes

DIY or solutions you can purchace.

To keep a bird from trying to fly in between, your visual deterrents should be no more than four inches apart horizontally and two inches vertically.

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