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Who we are

We are an informal group of people from Clifton (both Greater Clifton and the Town of Clifton) who have gotten together to help our neighbors protect the natural beauty of Clifton.

Why Clifton?

Five acre zoning was put in place in the 1980's to protect the Occoquan Reservoir, which provides water to over a million people. Our area therefore became a little island in the midst of suburbia where nature can thrive - as long as we protect it.

Our plan

Our two-fold plan is to use social and traditional media to help people get to know the wonders that surround them and to give them suggestions for what they can do on their own properties to create a sanctuary for the rest of the living world.

How to join the fun

Share your ideas on our Facebook Group 'Naturally Clifton'.

Sign up under 'Subscribe' for a periodic newsletter we'll start soon.

Contact us at 1margaret.e.fisher   ----"at"---

Projects so far

Monthly Clifton Living articles

iNaturalist events during City Nature Challenge April 2019

2019 Pollinator Week declaration by the Clifton Town Council

Local businesses distributed pollinator bookmarks and seed packets during Pollinator Week 2019

Pollinator photo contest June 2019

A booth at Clifton Day.

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